• There is a common misconception that the word “flagstone” only refers to the tanish or pinkish colored sandstone. In actuality, flagstone can be any type or color of stone that is meant for walking on.

  • We are often asked what the difference is between “patio” and “select” grades of flagstone. The biggest difference is in the size of pieces. The patio grade is smaller size pieces that lay flat on the pallet and the select are larger pieces the stand vertical on the pallet.

  • The word “veneer” refers to anything being applied to a vertical surface such as a wall, column, fireplace… In terms of stone it can be done with a full bed ledger that will be wider and heavier or when weight and space are an issue it can be done with a “thin veneer.”

  • When preparing the subsurface for your flagstone project be aware not to use decomposed granite with any of the sandstone flagstones. The decomposed granite and the sandstone can have a chemical reaction which can turn your flagstone black leaving it with a burnt or oil spilt look.

  • Sanford Stone Company does NOT take stone back so make sure your measurements are accurate before selecting and ordering your stone.

    We only carry natural stone. You will not find any block, brick or faux stone in our yard.